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11 JoyceTattrie When will justice finally be served for the murder of Tesslynn O'Cull??? Isn't it about time Jesse Compton is executed for this crime???
12 SusanAl Bassam If anyone ever deserved the death penalty, it is by far Jesse Compton! It is high time his death sentence is carried out!
13 VeronicaClark Silent no more! Tesslynn was a toddler who should have only known love and protection from her family. Instead she was put in the hands of an abuser! Now he get's pen pals and she get's 6 feet under! NO MORE! We love you Tess and now your spirit is free
14 YvonneSmit I wish I could have known you. I wish I could have held you. I wish I could have taken you away from your brutal hell.
15 DGreen  
16 ClaudetteShaver JUSTICE for Tesslynn !!!
17 KathyHernandez Jesse Compton does not deserve to breathe. Justice must be served for Tesslyn.
18 M.Day Rest in peace baby girl! xoxoxoxox
19 Rshuyler No comment can ever make up for the life he snuffed out.
20 jennifercardona Jesse Compton should be put to death... and Stella Kizer (mother) should be publicly stoned by all good, decent , loving parents!!!