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1 ChristinaKemp I love you Tesslynn. You will have a voice little one. You will finally be seen and heard.
2 AlishaWebre Rest in peace sweet angel Tesslynn. I love you. I wish I could have been there for you baby. I hope they fry that SOB.
3 MichellePratt He was denied a hearing in 2002 from the United States Supreme court. It is now 2008!!!!!!
4 AngelaStirling Justice needs to be served for this innocent child whose life was taken so violently. Jesse needs to be executed and needs to become an example. Child Abuse will not be tolerated.
5 ToddPratt  
6 JulieBarto Justice for this precious girl!
7 BarbieTarr Let justice finally be served for this darling girl. Her life was tragically and brutally cut short by monsters and the full sentence of the law needs to be finally carried out. She deserves no less.
8 TroyPratt May those who prey on the weak and defenseless get theres 10 fold in return. Pack light,gonna be warm where you are going
9 KarenManda This poor little girl had to suffer so much. Please see that her killer pays for his crime.
10 LindaMcCawley